Florida Coastal School of Law introduces shared accountability model for legal education

Florida Coastal School of Law has introduced the Assured Outcomes Partnership, a program designed to support shared accountability between the school and its students for success in the areas of academic performance, experiential learning, and bar exam passage.

The program will be implemented in spring 2013, with eligible students receiving partial refunds if desired outcomes are not achieved.

“Because Coastal Law so strongly believes in the effectiveness of the curriculum and quality of educational services we provide, we’re willing and comfortable to make this bold commitment,” said Peter Goplerud, dean of the law school. “We developed and refined the program over the academic year after engaging admissions, career services, academics, and bar preparation departments and we’re confident it represents the best practices found in legal education.

“The purpose of the Assured Outcomes Partnership is to better prepare students for healthy classroom discourse, for the bar exam, and for the legal profession.”

The Assured Outcomes Partnership assures participating students will not be academically dismissed during their first year, have access to substantive practical legal work experience, and pass the bar the first time in the state of their choice, provided they follow specified terms and conditions. Conditions include following a more stringent attendance policy, attending writing workshops, and being highly engaged in the school’s Bar Coaching Program.

Students who follow the program, but are academically dismissed after their first year will receive a $10,000 tuition refund from the school. Likewise, Assured Outcomes students who do not pass the bar exam the first time, despite adhering to the terms, will receive a living stipend while preparing for the next exam administration and supplemental bar exam preparation materials at no cost. After a second unsuccessful Bar Exam attempt, eligible students will receive $10,000 from the school.  

Lastly, students who sign up for the program and follow the conditions of the experiential learning assurance but do not receive substantive practical legal work experience during their enrollment are eligible to receive $2,000. 

“Coastal Law students who have demonstrated high levels of engagement in our program have historically and consistently been successful in all areas of law school,” said Goplerud. “If participating students are accountable for their end of this exciting new partnership, the school will be accountable for ours.” 

Students interested in the Assured Outcomes Partnership will be asked to sign an agreement to confirm their participation in the program. The Assured Outcomes Partnership is completely voluntary and available at no cost.

For more information, visit http://fcsl.edu/blogs/aop