Research Bureau students shine

The Florida Coastal Public Interest Research Bureau has made its mark this semester across Florida and Georgia by providing practice-quality research and analysis to poverty lawyers representing the poor in a range of civil issues. Read on for the full details.

Under the leadership of Faculty advisors Karen Millard and Rob Hornstein and Co-Chief Managing Editors Sarah Grizzle and Michael French, and executive board members, Joni Shockey, Justin Smith, Randi Radziszewski, Derek Folds and Stacy Patrick, the Research Bureau completed six research projects for poverty law programs in Florida and Mississippi.

Because word is spreading among Legal Services providers, the Research Bureau has already begun receiving requests for next semester.

This semester Research Bureau teams worked on a wide range of issues, including access to courts, child support rights, due process and equal protection issues, fraud in the sale of a mobile home, the right to quiet title in personalty, how fatigue impacts the ability of a person with AIDS to qualify for SSI benefits, and pleading and evidentiary requirements for an account stated claim brought against an indigent plaintiff. This incredibly important work assisted poor persons in Florida and Georgia but it has also assisted Coastal students acquire essential writing and research skills through experiential learning.  Research Bureau students and supervising faculty working on projects this semester expended hundreds of hours of time writing and researching this semester's projects.

Congratulations to the following Coastal Students who served on a research project this semester:

Gelilla Asfaw

Kyle Benda

Coleman Brooks

Josh Bird 

Rashae Chambers

Flor Diaz

Betsy Dobbins

Boris Futeryan

Victoria Gammill

Christine Giordano

Britt Hansen

Maggie Harris

Casandra Horsman

Elizabeth Jung

Rachel Kotkin

Lianna Mette

Kenneth Miranda

Carol Mitchell

Sara Nekou

Hailey Osland

Stacy Patrick

Kristin Saam

Justin Smith

Brittany Snell

Barbara Southmayd

Jessica Stillwell

Lisa Snyder

Amanda Uwaibi

Angela Viltro 

Richard Wharton