Aaron Byrd ‘13 practices securities law at the United States Securities and Exchange Commission in Washington, D.C. To view more alumni spotlight stories, click here.

What is your favorite Coastal memory? My favorite memories of Coastal involved the time spent with my friends, from my 1L year all the way through graduation. We had some great times while attending Coastal, from hanging out in the atrium in between classes to grinding out the long hours in the library preparing for finals. I cherished my time spent with friends while attending Coastal, and I still speak with many of them to this day.
What is your proudest professional moment? I was able to negotiate a very favorable settlement for one of my very first clients when I first began practicing law. At that moment I realized that I was able to be successful in the legal world and truly help my clients with their legal battles.
What advice do you have for someone considering law school? I always tell those who are considering law school that they must determine if they truly wish to be an attorney. The time spent in school, as well as the student debt is quite the burden to those who do not enjoy being an attorney. Additionally, you must be dedicated to your craft, motivated to constantly learn, and be willing to face tough challenges head-on.
Who did you call when you found out you passed the bar? I was actually driving home from work when I found out I passed the bar. Some of my other friends had been waiting for the results to be posted all day, and it just happened to be posted while I was driving home. My friends actually called me to tell me I had passed, and my parents also called me as well. I guess I avoided the whole anxious moments of actually checking for my name, since my friends and family already had already called me!