Christopher McLennan ‘11 practices Tort Law at The Department of Justice in Raleigh, North Carolina. To view more alumni spotlight stories, click here.

What is your favorite Coastal memory? Graduation. It was wonderful to share the feeling of accomplishing a goal that you have been continuously working towards for several years with my family, professors, and classmates.
What is your proudest professional moment? Returning to North Carolina and being sworn in by a judge that has been a longtime family friend and has known me since I was a child.
What advice do you have for someone considering law school? If you’re thinking about law school (or really considering any career) solely because you think you will make a lot of money, don’t do it. You have to have passion for the work you are doing. Otherwise, no amount of money will ever leave you feeling fulfilled and you will quickly find yourself dissatisfied in your work, and likely dissatisfied in your life in general..
What is on your bookshelf? Almost entirely non-fiction. Mostly biographies of people that have lived notable, bizarre, or otherwise interesting lives. (That and a lot of children’s books. I have a young child, so on the rare occasion that I find any free time to actually read for pleasure, it is likely that I will be reading to him . . . I’m pretty sure I can recite most of these books by memory by now) n.
Who did you call when you found out you passed the bar? My dad.