Jennifer Shoaf Richardson ’09 practices Appeals, Bad Faith and Extra-contractual Liability, and Insurance Coverage at Boyd & Jenerette in Jacksonville, Florida. If you would like to speak with Jennifer, please contact her at (904) 520-7804 or To view more alumni spotlight stories, click here.

What is your favorite Coastal memory? Celebrating the end of the first year with my classmates at Lemon Bar.
What is your proudest professional moment? Obtaining a stay from the First District Court of Appeal, which allowed my client to graduate from eighth grade. She was banned from attending all public schools in Duval County in a repeat violence injunction where only one act of violence had been proven. I was proud to see our legal community step in to fight for the rule of law including co-counsel Bryan Gowdy, Gray Thomas, Buddy Schulz, and David Utter.
What advice do you have for someone considering law school? I wake up every day proud to be a lawyer, but not everyone does. If you don’t really want to practice law, I suggest putting those three years into gaining experience in whatever field you do want to end up in, whether that is business or politics. .
What is on your bookshelf? I am currently reading Iberia, by James Michener.
Who did you call when you found out you passed the bar? My husband and fellow alum, Randall Richardson. After that, I called my boss at that time, Judge Peter D. Webster. I could not wait until I got back from lunch to tell him.