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“Bad Blood”: Reconciling the Recording Industry and Copyright Protections on the Internet
Nikki R. Breeland

“Making Administrative Law Strict Again” In The Era Of Trump: The Future Of The Chevron Doctrine, According To The Judicial Conference For The United States Court Of Appeals For The Federal Circuit
Christian Ketter

A Brief Historical Sketch of an Anthropological Analysis of the Development of International and Comparative Law
Charles Lincoln

Enron Meets Academia … Altered Grades, Manufactured Transcripts, and Store-Bought Diplomas
Harvey Gilmore

A Modern and Psychological Perspective on the Court’s Lenient Requirements for a Finding of Qualified Immunity in Cases of Local Police Misconduct and its Effect on the ABuse of Police Discretion
Nicholas Catania

Consent to Injury: Modern Medicine’s Unconscionable Shield from Liability for Medical Practitioners Through the Doctrine of Informed Consent
Michael McKee