Foundation Scholarships and Program Awards

The Board of Directors of the Florida Coastal School of Law Foundation is pleased to offer the following scholarship based on merit and need as related to the Foundation’s mission statement.

Scholarship awards will be applied to tuition expenses.

The Martha Sonnenschein Scholarship

The Martha Sonnenschein Scholarship was created to reward outstanding leadership in law school in addition to classroom performance. Leadership may be demonstrated through activities and contributions to student organizations, pro bono achievement, academic teams (Moot Court and Mock Trial achievement), and publication.

Mr. Irving Sonnenschein, an attorney living in Manhattan, put seed money toward the school when it was first established and has stayed in touch with its leadership over the years. In memory of his wife, Martha Sonnenschein, he made a $250,000 endowed scholarship gift to the school that will generate scholarships for students for years to come. In appreciation of his gift the appellate courtroom has been renamed in his honor and in memory of his wife, Martha.

This is an annual $5,000 scholarship ($2,500 in the upcoming Fall semester and $2,500 in the upcoming Spring semester). 

Eligibility requirements: Must be a 2nd semester 1L, a 2L, or a 1st semester 3L on first day of class, Fall 2021 and top 30% academically.