Accelerated 2-Year J.D. Degree Program

Florida Coastal School of Law’s 2-Year Accelerated J.D. Degree Program allows students to complete their legal studies in two years. The program requires participating students to achieve the same number of credit hours (90 credits) as a traditional three-year J.D. student, but can reduce living expenses by a third and you enter the workforce sooner.

While this accelerated program means students have a more set schedule of classes, they also have opportunities to select from the full range of electives offered by Florida Coastal and can participate in honors organizations, student organizational events, and experiential learning opportunities.  Students will complete classes during the Spring, Summer and Fall semesters; as well as during intersession.  Intersession is the week or two before the start of each term where more skills based electives are offered.

Students who wish to begin in our 2-Year Program must plan since we only enroll in the Spring term.  Students can decide at the end of their first summer if they would like to be considered for the program itself instead of directly applying at the beginning; however they will need to take the heavier course load in the Summer to stay on track with the program.  Students can transfer out of the program into the traditional program, but cannot transfer into the Accelerated Program.

Classes start for this program in mid-January.  Students interested in this program should take the LSAT early, but we will accept through the November LSAT for the January start.

Reasons Why Students Choose Our Accelerated 2-Year J.D. Degree Program:

  • Enter the workforce sooner
  • Save a full year of living expenses
  • Smaller first semester classes and more personal attention from your professors
  • Attractiveness of a full-year course load schedule for those who completed their bachelor’s degree at an accelerated pace

To learn more about our accelerated program we encourage you to watch our most recent webinar, and also join use for any student or alumni Q&A Sessions that we host near the end of ever month.