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NY Times Article on Midlife Career Changes

On Sunday the NY Times published an interesting article on midlife career changes.  The article features two former attorneys and does a really great job of highlighting the difficulties of following your career dreams – demanding hours (even demanding by an attorney’s standards), economic uncertainty, loss of career prestige.  The article is a reminder that the reality […]

Using the Occupational Outlook Handbook in Your Alternative Career Search

The Occupational Outlook Handbook (“OOH”) is a fabulous resource for exploring career options.  Along with presenting detailed information on employment projections for hundreds of careers, the OOH provides summaries of the career field, work environment, training and qualifications, average salaries, related occupations, and professional organizations.  Ever thought about writing or editing?  Go to the OOH first to find out the […]

Alternative Legal Career v. Non-Traditional Legal Career

So you have heard the terms ‘alternative legal career’ and ‘non-traditional legal career,’ but what is the difference?  In everyday parlance, there isn’t a difference.  These terms are usually used interchangeably to refer to someone with a JD who is not practicing as an attorney in a law firm or government setting.  While there isn’t […]