Did your 1L attend The Starting Line?

Coastal Law hosted its 7th annual Starting Line event recently, providing first-year students the opportunity to meet and discuss various aspects of their future profession with employers from many different organizations. Find out if your student was spotted at the event by viewing the latest pictures on Flickr!

Special advice to parents of 2Ls: Employers say Work Experience Gained during Law School Trumps Grades!

In an effort to deliver quality legal services as efficiently as possible, legal employers are now seeking out graduates who have gained hands-on experience while they were in law school. In fact, a recent survey from the legal staffing firm, Robert Half Legal, suggests that in this competitive job market, real-world experience trumps even grades […]

Are you a 1L or 2L interested in obtaining a judicial clerkship for Summer ’13?

The Litigation Section of the ABA is offering first and second-year diverse law students the opportunity to clerk for a state or federal judge for the summer. The program also offers a $1,500 award to each selected student. Participating judges are located in Phoenix, Los Angeles, San Fancisco, Washington, DC, Miami, Illinois, Philadelphia, Texas, and […]