Your student is almost halfway there!

School is just beginning, but your student might already be working on those summer plans.  They might even be getting stressed out when someone asks what their plans are after graduation in 2015. If so, your student should make plans to attend The 50 Yard Line, an event on October 18 that organized that is […]

A note about loans

The Federal Direct Grad PLUS Loan is offered to eligible borrower to bridge a gap between the financial aid awarded and the cost of attendance reflecting on the student award notice. A student must apply each year as a new credit check must be performed. If a student has an adverse credit history, he/she may […]

Get your 1L research on – future lawyers need to know how

The 2012 Legal Technology Survey Report reported that Lawyers spend an average of 19% of their time on legal research. Not surprisingly, a larger percentage of time is spent on research by solo and small firm practitioners. To help students, especially those new to law school, build a strong research foundation, the Library staff provides a […]