Technology of the Week- Florida Statutes (FL Law and Codes) Application

This week check out: “Florida Statutes” for iPhone, iPads, and Android The app is FREE and is a bookshelf in your pocket Description Florida Statutes is the statutory law of the state of Florida for Androids, iPhone, and iPads. It consists of all 48 Titles of the law that have been codified into the Florida […]

Technology of the Week- Underscore Notify & Extensive Notes Notepad

Academic Technology has launched a compaign for technology applications that are available to students. On a weekly basis, technology apps will be posted on suite 410’s door as well as the AT blog spot. Be on the look out for technology applications that are available to you. This week check out: “Underscore Notify” for iPhone […]

Infringed Benefits … Myths, Truths and Consequences of Health Care Reform for the Poor and Disabled

By Sarah Sullivan | Assistant Professor of Professional Skills Illustrations by Tony Rodrigues, Tact Designs When discussing the sweeping federal health care reform of today, we can’t help but hear the political pundits’ constitutional perspective, the political perspective, and even the corporate “health care as a business” perspective. Coverage of the health care reform debate is on every television news network, Internet blog, and print medium […]