Where do I find citation information?

This is a question we get a lot! While you can always check the Bluebook, it’s not always straight forward. There are several books to help you in your quest to understand the Bluebook: User’s Guide to the Bluebook – at only 49 pages, this book is handy to keep in your Bluebook so you […]

Immigrant Rights Clinic Students Participate in World Refugee Day Celebrations

Immigrant Rights Clinic Students from Florida Coastal attended a Naturalization ceremony and celebration sponsored by Jacksonville’s Refugee Task Force. Students found the ceremony and performances by the Refugees moving and inspirational. On June 20th Coastal students also viewed the film “The Lost Boys of Sudan”, an educational film about the refugee story.

Landing an Interview

If you are trying to land an interview, here are some tips to getting the interview and getting hired. 1.  Research each firm carefully.  Let the firm know you are interested and why you are a good fit.  Ensure you do your homework on the practice areas or specialties of the firm and the attorney […]

Consumer Law Clinic Starts Semester with Fee Hearing

The Consumer Law Clinic got off to a busy start this summer.  Just two weeks into the semester, Chauntel Grant argued a Motion for Attorney’s Fees and Costs in a foreclosure case.  After four years of litigation, the plaintiff voluntarily dismissed its foreclosure action against one of the Clinic’s clients.  Since the plaintiff dismissed, the […]

Yay…it’s officially SUMMER…

so now what?? Hopefully you have a summer externship or internship or are getting some volunteer experience. Remember, we recommend you obtain at least 400 hours of legal work experience before graduation. Summer is also a great time to start thinking about what you’ll do next year! Remember that most, if not all, government internships […]