Thinking About a Career in the Judiciary?

You should definitely watch the video below.

Jim Foley Rap

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According to his YouTube channel, James Patrick Foley (“Jim”) is a “Candidate for Appeals Court Judge, Division II, Washington State” who “has been practicing law for more 25 years; primarily criminal defense.”

But, other than his ability to post awesome campaign videos, why would someone want to vote for Jim?

Well, according to his Bragging Rights on Google+, he has “Raised three beautiful and talented children, none in jail or pregnant!”

Not enough? Well, he also “Sailed around the World,was a Roughneck on Off-shore oil rigs, Served in the Peace Corps in Papua New Guinea, fought wildfires in the Olympics, Practiced Law for more then twenty years.”

(Note: Fighting wildfires is not an event you should be on the lookout for in London 2012; the Olympic Mountain Range is in Washington State.)

Jim isn’t without his flaws: he could use a proofreader (“I build small boats, cook great food , memorize poetry and yes I parctice [sic] law”) and he doesn’t seem to be overly confident in his education (he lists only Quonset Point Elementary School as his education on Google+), but who among us doesn’t have shortcomings?

He is an active member of the Washington State Bar Association, he speaks Indonesian, and he has a clean Disciplinary Record. He’s also tech-savvy enough to have some privacy restrictions in force on his Facebook page. Sure, his math skills may be a bit suspect – he was admitted to Washington on 05/28/1991 yet boasts more than 25 years of experience on his YouTube site – but perhaps that bit of puffery just demonstrates that he is well suited for politics and the bench.

Jim faces an uphill battle though. As of Tuesday (May 22, 20120), he’d spent a whopping $0.00 on his campaign, while opponents Thomas Bjorgen and Tom Weaver had spent $9,721.02 and $7,117.15, respectively.

Really though, will ads and slick campaign websites triumph over a YouTube rap? I guess only time will tell, but the Primary Election on August 7, 2012 certainly bears watching.

Vote Jim Foley 2012!

UPDATE: Mark it down – May 24, 2012, 4:16 PM, Jim Foley gets the coveted Above the Law bump. That may well be the turning point in the campaign.