You can find out what articles are cited the most using HeinOnline.

As the semester begins to wind down, many students are working hard to finish their ALWR papers. During this time, students often come to me for help with properly citing articles discussed in their paper. Often, the students have multiple articles that discuss the same topic and issue, and they want to know how to find out which article has been cited the most.  How can they find out? When using HeinOnline, students can simply enter both article citations in the search box, and when the PDF of the article appears, there is a HeinOnline ScholarCheck icon that appears at the top center of the page if the article has been cited. The ScholarCheck icon has a number beside it that indicates the number of times the article has been cited. Find out more about HeinOnline’s ScholarCheck by viewing their Wikipage-HeinOnline:ScholarCheck. You can also find out information about ScholarCheck on HeinOnline’s blog. You can get to HeinOnline by selecting the HeinOnline link from the Library’s subscription database page-remember if you are off-campus you must log-in to access HeinOnline.