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Spring has sprung!

It’s Easter weekend.  If you like egg hunts, what could be more Florida than an underwater egg hunt?  I didn’t even know they had those, but there are a couple (plus some other, more traditional activities).

Eggs and bunnies not your thing?  Try the Mandarin Arts Festival!

No?  Okay, then stick to the basics – go to the beach or stay in the Library and study.  (I would pick the Library!)

A couple of things to do this weekend

Welcome to spring! What are some things I love about Spring? March Madness, movies and marshmallow bunnies!  Take a minute this weekend to have some of all three: make sure you take in at least one of the last Elite Eight Men’s Basketball GamesThe Hunger Games is the biggest movie draw this weekend (and, since it is based on a book, a Librarian’s favorite). Finally, learn how to make marshmallows (not quite bunnies, but once you learn how, just be creative!).  Enjoy the first weekend of Spring!

Welcome to the Library Blog


The Library has a blog.  This is it.  We will post announcements on Mondays (except for holidays).  We will post some interesting things about law or libraries or books on Wednesdays.  And on Fridays, we will give you some ideas of what to do for the weekend – which could range from looking for a topic for your ALWR to where to get good sushi.  Librarians know all kinds of things.

Today, I would like to share with you the kind of things that Librarians watch when they are not answering reference questions or helping with research (which is not very often, that is why it is a short video):  Here is what books do when you are not around.