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Have you read the fine print on your Westlaw contract?

If you haven’t, you are not using the skills you are using in law school to the fullest extent.  Misuse of your Westlaw (or Lexis) account can result in serious consequences.  Can’t read the full article?  If you don’t want to sign up (or if there is a fee for an article) remember that Westlaw and Lexis often have journal articles regarding legal issues.  For this article, log on to Lexis, use “Find a Source,” type in National Law Journal.  Once you choose the National Law Journal from the list of results, copy and paste the title in and you can access the whole article.  You should always check Lexis and Westlaw for journal articles – at least for now, while you have authorized access.

Jack Daniels goes soft?

Jack Daniels is an American whiskey known as hard alcohol. It was founded in 1875 and is currently the best selling whiskey in the world.  Every bar has a bottle of Jack on its shelf (as well as many homes). You would think the venerable company would take a hard line when they see their beloved trademark being misrepresented as a book cover for a local author. Apparently not.  Jack Daniels attorney Christy Susman wrote what some are calling the nicest cease and desist letter ever. In the letter Ms. Susman actually wishes the pilfering author the best of luck in his future writing efforts in addition to asking (nicely) that the book cover is changed for future printings. But the kicker is when Ms. Susman actually offers to help defray the costs of book cover changes. Just goes to show that a nice letter goes a long way. You can read the letter in its entirety here:

To Do or Not To Do: Professionalism and the Lawyer

Only one week before summer officially begins! Yes! Yes! Yes!

It’s wonderful to imagine that you’ll spend your time having fun at the beach, travelling, or indulging in various other forms of entertainment.  Reality, however, often falls short. For most law students, summer is the time for externships, internships, clinics, summer school, and bar prep!

One thing to keep in mind this summer, as you work towards your goals, is that the legal world is a small one and that your reputation follows you around.  You don’t want to be either of these “stellar” examples: Vegas Lawyer; Florida Lawyer

While it might be fun to read about or watch these lawyers, do you want to be remembered for being unprofessional?