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It Takes a Village… Person.

Some people find a calling In the Navy, others Go West in search of fortune, and still others find all they need at the YMCA. But perhaps no one has had as much success with that particular trifecta as Victor Willis, the original lead singer of the Village People.

Now, the man often known simply as the Motorcycle Cop has been given the green light to reclaim his copyright interests in those songs and others (at least in the U.S.). The Guardian (U.K.) has summed it up best with the headline – Village People’s policeman lays down the law on his right to royalties.

In the Navy
Go West

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New Library Resources – What’s Happening – April 2012 Edition

Hello everyone, and welcome to another exciting edition of “New Library Resources” – because you need to know What’s Happening!

To view a table listing the new print resources that the library received in April 2012, click Continue reading below. Most of the items listed there can be found in the General Collection and checked out for up to three weeks by members of the Coastal Community.

We also now have access to HeinOnline’s new U.S. International Trade Library, which includes many useful legislative histories. You can see all the new additions to HeinOnline on its new content page (reproduced below under our new print resources) and you can access HeinOnline through the Library & Technology Center’s Subscription Databases page.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to stop by the Reference Desk on the third floor of the Library & Technology Center or contact the Reference Librarians via email, telephone (904.680.7612), or the Ask a Librarian form.

Check back here for monthly updates on what the Library & Technology Center is adding. Updates will be published on the second Tuesday of every month.

If you think we should consider adding something to the collection, please feel free to recommend it here (Coastal ID login required).

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Card Catalog Magic

As you may recall, just this past fall, the LTC launched its new catalog Encore,
Such a fine new tool, you’d be a great fool, if you did not use it to help you find more.
In days long gone by, before the web in the sky, finding information could be quite hard,
You’d search for long days, in so many ways, to find that magical catalog card.

Yale University old catalog cards (video)

Sometimes You Should Just Moonwalk… (from Lowering the Bar)

Though it can be difficult to believe at times, there is actually humor to be found in the law. And thanks to the internet and blogs, it is far easier to stay amused. One blog that does a particularly good job of combing laughter and law is Lowering the Bar.

Over the past seven years, since January 2005, blogger Kevin Underhill has offered legal humor based on things happening all around the world. A partner at Shook, Hardy & Bacon, L.L.P. in San Francisco, Underhill nevertheless finds time to post at least a few times a week.

While humor is always present, Underhill will often include some legal analysis as well (though he is careful to point out in his “Comical Yet Binding Disclaimer” that the site provides no legal advice).

One recent post that combined humor and some legal references was Security Cam Records Burglar’s “Signature Dance Moves”.

You can also see the YouTube video after the cut.

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Lighten things up with Law Revue

That’s right–I said Law Revue not Law Review! Finals are fast approaching, so while you still have a little time, take a break from studying and check out some funny YouTube videos by various Law Revue organizations. Law Revues are organizations of students at law schools that do musical parodies, skits, digital videos, and sometimes even larger productions. Often, they satirize some aspect of law school or the law. To find some Law Revue videos, simply search for ‘YouTube law revue’ in Google. Don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of results to choose from. Have fun! Here are a couple I like from GW Law Revue. (Warning videos do contain explicit language!) You’ll be glad our library is not like this one, at least about bringing in food! 2008 GW Law Revue-Library   2008 GW Law Revue




Welcome to the Library Blog


The Library has a blog.  This is it.  We will post announcements on Mondays (except for holidays).  We will post some interesting things about law or libraries or books on Wednesdays.  And on Fridays, we will give you some ideas of what to do for the weekend – which could range from looking for a topic for your ALWR to where to get good sushi.  Librarians know all kinds of things.

Today, I would like to share with you the kind of things that Librarians watch when they are not answering reference questions or helping with research (which is not very often, that is why it is a short video):  Here is what books do when you are not around.