Cost of Attendance

Determining your cost of attendance (COA) is the first step in truly understanding the cost of your law school education.  COA is an estimated individual student’s projected total educational expenses for a two semester time period. The COA is also referred to as the Financial Aid Budget.

The COA includes tuition, fees, room and board, books, transportation, and personal expenses. This maximum COA also applies to private loans.

We realize that students come to law school from varied backgrounds, experiences and lifestyles, however the COA allows for a simple lifestyle, that of a graduate student and cannot be increased to suit your desired lifestyle.  COA is a good guide, but it is intentionally broad and general. You still need to estimate what it will cost for YOU to attend school.


Cost of Attendance Schedules

Click here for COA for students starting on/prior to Fall 2018

Click here for COA for students starting on/after Spring 2019

Click here for COA for students enrolled in the Accelerated Program on/after Spring 2019

COA for Financial Aid purposes is constructed by the Financial Aid Office using the parameters of the federal guidelines.  This COA governs the total amount of aid (loans and scholarships) that are available to a student for any two semester period.