Safety and Security

Florida Coastal School of Law is committed to providing a safe, secure, healthy campus environment for all students, faculty, staff and visitors.

Coastal Law provides the campus community with various methods to stay informed and prepared in the event of an emergency and to report urgent situations easily and anonymously. Our aim is to work collaboratively to create a safe and positive environment for all.

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Annual Security Report

The Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act (Clery Act) requires an institution to publish specific crime-related information on an annual basis. This report includes information about Florida Coastal School of Law’s security policy and procedures, crime prevention programs, and campus crime statistics. The school must distribute this information to all current students and employees, and upon request, to prospective students and employees.  The policies and procedures are outlined within the Annual Security Report.

For complete crime statistics, please visit the Campus Safety and Security Data Analysis Cutting Tool and search for Florida Coastal.

Parking and Driving on Campus

All students, staff and faculty are expected to adhere to Florida Coastal School of Law’s Parking & Driving on Campus Policy. Please make sure to read the entire document. Any vehicle driven on campus must be registered with Florida Coastal School of Law’s Security. To register your vehicle, please see Maureen Jordan in the Dean’s Suite. The registration is good for one (1) year. You must re-register your vehicle at the beginning of each academic year.


To obtain a locker, complete the following steps:

We prefer you use a combination lock.  If you use a key lock you must leave an extra key with Karen Eubanks in Office #374 in the Dean’s Suite.

I.D. Badge/Access Card

An I.D. badge and access card are issued to all members of the Coastal Community.  Both cards must be on your persona and visible at all times while on campus.  

To ensure durability and validity, do not tamper with, punch holes in, or misuse the card and protect it from damage by avoiding magnets.

Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office (JSO)

To contact the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office (JSO) please call 904-630-0500 or visit its website here.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office (JSO) covers the entire Duval County, including the City of Jacksonville and all the beaches.

Incident/Behavior Report Form

This is an online form for anonymous incident reporting to be followed up on by Administration and Security. Appropriate issues for this form include suspicious behavior, crime, harassment and threats. Always call 911 first in an emergency.

If you are worried about a fellow student, bothered that your roommate has been acting differently, troubled about the behavior of a friend, or have concerns but are not sure what to do, submit an incident/behavior form online to have an administrator follow-up.

In an emergency situation, where there is an immediate threat to self, others, or property, always call 911 first and then notify Coastal Law Security at (904) 680-7777.

Ryce Act

In compliance with the State of Florida’s Ryce Act (Section 3. Section 1005.10, Florida Statutes), we inform our students, employees, and school community of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s Florida Sexual Offender and Predators registry website and the associated toll-free telephone numbers that provide access to sexual predator and sexual offender public information. The website can be found at The toll-free FDLE numbers are: (888) 357-7332 or (877) 414-7234 for TTY accessibility.