ExamSoft Workshop for PC users

Would you prefer to type your examinations rather than hand write them? With the use of ExamSoft you can do just that! The ExamSoft workshop is an opportunity for students to familiarize themselves with the computer-based testing software offered here at Florida Coastal Law.

Academic Technology will be holding ExamSoft workshops September 16th through September 27th.  Space at the workshops is limited. Please RSVP in advance by clicking on "Signup".

For all classes admitted after Fall 2010 and any previous AAMPLE students, in order to be eligible to use ExamSoft for your exams, you MUST first attend an ExamSoft workshop. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this policy. If you previously attended an ExamSoft workshop you are not required to attend again.

Attendance will be closely monitored at each workshop. Students are responsible for signing in on one of the attendance sheets prior to leaving the workshop.

Room 425.