Student Billing and Stipends

Account Information – Is available online in the student portal under the “My Finances” tab.  This report represents the historical tuition and fee charges, financial aid and payments that have been posted to your student account.

Forms of Payment Accepted

Check (ACH) and credit/debit card payments can be made online in the student portal under the “My Finances” tab.  No fee is charged for check (ACH) payments, however, a 2% convenience fee is accessed for credit/debit card payments.  To set up an online payment from your checking or your credit/debit card account, go to the student portal and under the “My Finances” tab and select the proper links.  Cash and checks are accepted and are posted upon receipt.  In addition, student loans are received electronically throughout the term and will be posted to the students account immediately upon receipt.

Stipends (Refund Checks) – Student stipends occur when a credit balance is shown on your student account which is due primarily to financial aid disbursements (loans and scholarships), and/or payments posted to your account, which are in excess of your charges.  Stipends can ONLY be obtained by direct deposit (via ACH) into your bank account (paper checks will not be issued) – to set up: go to the student portal under the “My Finances” tab and select the proper links.  It’s very important to set up your stipend for direct deposit prior to the first day of class to ensure your stipend is not delayed.  You will receive an email alert (student portal) when your stipend has been issued.

Stipends that occur from financial aid disbursements are processed and provided to students throughout the semester within 3 business days of receipt of the disbursement. The first stipends will be distributed no later than one week after the add/drop period after all student academic status’ and all student account adjustments are final.

Stipends that occur from over payments and changes to your class schedule, or from a leave of absence or a withdraw that occur during the add/drop period will be provided to the student during the second week of classes after all charges and payments have been finalized.

Tuition, Fees, and Withdrawals

Tuition, fees, and other charges, including late fees and interest, are the responsibility of the student.  Tuition and fee payments are due no later than the first day of classes after the add/drop period (per the academic calendar).  If you withdraw after the add/drop period, you are obligated to pay Florida Coastal School of Law for all charges incurred for the semester.


Ron Bambacus, Controller

The Finance Office is located in #375 inside the Dean’s Suite, and is open weekdays 9:00am – 5:30pm.