News & Noteworthy

Notice to students: Stipends provided by direct deposit only

Beginning with the fall 2013 term, if you are receiving a stipend (refund check), your stipend will only be provided to you by direct deposit to your bank account. Coastal Law will no longer be processing live stipends (checks). If you have not set up your bank account to receive a stipend by direct deposit, please do so at your earliest opportunity, but no later than Friday, August 23, to ensure your stipend is not delayed.

To set up your account for direct deposit, please select "My Finances" tab\"Payment Info/Stipend Direct Deposit"\ in the student portal, enter your account information and select "Yes" for direct deposit. Detailed instructions can be found in the News Center under the "Instructions" link in the portal.

Coastal Law to open Center for Law Practice Technology

Coastal Law has created The Center for Law Practice Technology (CLPT), a focused unit within the school that will offer certificates in legal technology and law practice management. According to Coastal Law administrators, the CLPT is designed to prepare students for a new and evolving legal marketplace that increasingly demands knowledge and skills related to technology and innovation.