Private Alternative Loans

Eligibility for these types of loans is based on credit, citizenship status, and other factors as determined by the lending institution.

Because these loans are based on credit, as well as other criteria, it is important to maintain a good credit rating prior to and during your attendance at law school. We recommend that before applying for a Private Alternative Loan that you contact at least one of the following national credit agencies to receive a copy of your credit report to verify it is accurate.

Experian @ (888) 397-3742

Trans Union @ (800) 888-4213

CBI/Equifax @ (800) 997-2493

The maximum amount you can borrow in an alternative loan is the Cost of Attendance minus any financial aid, including Federal Work Study and scholarships. Before applying for a Private Alternative Loan, refer to your award notice for your Cost of Attendance and Financial Aid Award amounts. If you plan on trying to acquire a Federal Work Study position, you should not take out the maximum in a Private Alternative Loan.

If you decide to apply for a private loan, contact the lender of your choice for their terms, procedures, and requirements.