2009 SBA Election Results

Congratulations to the winners of the SBA Executive Council and Honor Court Elections. Click below for a complete list.

SBA Executive Council
Whitney Wright
Vice President of Internal Affairs 
Alexis Hailpern
Vice President of External Affairs
Adriana Pampanas
Mathias Maurer
Chris Basler
Honor Court
3L Honor Court Justice
Chris Warren
Cliff Klein
Brenna Caballero
Sarah Spence 
3L Defender
Jennifer Dunne
Ashby Underhill
3L Prosecutor
Jennifer Kifer
Roselina Serrano
2L Justice
Travis Parrott
Matthew Roepstorff
Christopher Saba
2L Defender
Jessica Sexton
2L Prosecutor
Brandon Allen
The officers will take office following the conclusion of the Spring Semester.  Congratulations to all the winners!