Tenure and promotion announcements at Coastal Law


The Florida Coastal School of Law recently awarded a number of professors with a promotion, including a group of nine that received tenure positions. The Coastal Law family would like to congratulate all of its recognized professors on a job well done.

Read on for a list of the professors.

Promotion to Professor of Law and Tenure: Terri Davlantes, Rebekah Gleason Hope, Rick Karcher, Julia McLaughlin, Greg Pingree, Lucille Ponte, B.J. Priester, Chris Roederer and Bradley Shannon.

Promotion to Professor of Professional Skills: Rosa DuBose.

Promotion to Associate Professor of Professional Skills: Ericka Curran.

Promotion to Associate Professor of Lawyering Process: Cynthia Baines, Gina Donahoo, Kathy Hartland, Nadia Jones and James Woodruff.