Environmental Law Society (ELS)

The Environmental Law Society (ELS) is a student-run organization at Florida Coastal School of Law. ELS’s primary concern is the promotion of environmental awareness and protection in the Jacksonville area. Through various community service projects, ELS aims to provide a venue for like-minded students interested in environmental law and community involvement to work together to better our world, one step at a time. Another major goal of ELS is the furtherance of environmental education on the FCSL campus and within the community.

Currently, we promote environmental awareness and education with our community-oriented projects and by always trying to set a good example for others. Our biggest community service event is our annual Sea Oats Project. Every spring, ELS works with Atlantic Beach to repair malnourished beaches. The sea oats we plant protect the dunes, provide a habitat for animals, protect sea turtle nesting areas, and prevent erosion. ELS works with many other student organizations to increase the Sea Oats Project efforts and protect more beaches each year. ELS operates on an open-door basis; we welcome all FCSL students, faculty, and staff to any of our meetings and activities throughout the semester. With FCSL’s Environmental Law Certificate Program, we hope that ELS will grow as a force on campus.

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