Hispanic American Law Students Association

The Hispanic American Law Student Association (HALSA) welcomes all Florida Coastal students to join our organization as we represent diverse backgrounds and promote diversity on campus. We form a close-knit family and make an effort to help each other prepare for final exams. We also encourage networking with lawyers in the community via our mentor-mentee program with the Hispanic Bar of N.E. Florida. HALSA also cares about the community and usually volunteers at the Sulzbacher House and Hubbard House. HALSA hosts some fun events every year such as Salsa Night with free salsa lessons and Sabor Latino, a Latin food plate sale.

  • President: Ima-Fabiola Ortega
  • Vice-President: Paola Garcia
  • Secretary: Natasha Alcedo 
  • Treasurer: Lisette DeLeon 
  • Public Relations Director: Eric Ortiz 
  • Pro Bono Chair: Yaveth Parodi
  • Librarian/Historian: Jonathan Martinez